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Termite Solutions is a complete pest control company. Our key strength is that unlike other companies in the industry, we combine the work of pest control technicians with the knowledge, qualifications and experience of a registered builder, to provide a service which is well rounded and a process which is professionally thorough.

Based in Moorabbin, Termite Solutions provide services all across Melbourne, predominantly in the South-East region. However, we are highly committed to providing top quality service to all of our clients, and have traveled extensively throughout suburban and remote areas of Victoria to assist our domestic and commercially based clients.

Termite Solutions Victoria

Our extensive work throughout Melbourne, has seen us working with large commercial and government based agencies. Additionally we have gained niche, specialist experience, working on heritage sites and terrace homes constructed predominantly of timber on sub-floor structures.

At Termite Solutions we specialize in termite detection, protection and management, predominantly for new commercial and residential construction projects. Furthermore, we offer a comprehensive suite of pest management solutions for residential homeowners, as well as property managers and commercial operations. Our work entails far more than simply termite extermination. We also assist families, businesses and organizations, by offering individual services and bundled packages that rid their dwellings of ants, spiders, cockroaches, rodents and other many pests.

Pest Control management is crucial to the safety and structural integrity of any home, building or office. The difference between Termite Solutions and other pest control companies is that our director is a qualified builder. This means that as part of our service we can offer further professional advice regarding the structural damage to the home, and what repairs are required following the eradication of termites. We believe in not only ridding your home of pests, but providing you with the best possible advice to get your home back to a safe and sturdy state.

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