Cockroaches are insects and about 30 cockroach species out of 4,500 are related with human habitation. Some species are considered to be pests including American cockroach, German cockroach, Asian cockroach and oriental cockroach.

The above mentioned cockroach species are referred to as household cockroaches including brownbanded cockroaches.

Cockroaches prefer warm environment conditions. They prefer dark places or conditions except the Asian cockroach which is appealed to light.

Cockroaches just like ants, produce an invisible trail chemical which contains pheromones. The trail chemical is used for cockroach swarming and mating. The trail is used by other cockroaches to trace the source of food as well as finding the other cockroach hideout for mating.

Cockroaches are known to make chirping, clicking or hissing sound. They breathe through their trachea which is attached to the spiracles. As stated earlier, cockroaches use pheromones to invite other cockroaches for males to do courting rituals such as stridulating and posturing.

Cockroaches can survive or live for a month without food and live for 45 minutes without air. They feed on pet and human food leaving a bad odour. They transfer microbes from their bodies to foods and they are dangerous to human health. They cause allergic reactions in humans such as asthma caused by an allergy protein called tropomyosin.

Some cockroach pests are beneficial to our environment because they are recyclers of organic decaying matter. Other cockroach species include flying cockroach, sand cockroach, albino cockroach, Florida wood cockroach, Surinam cockroach, woods cockroach, etc. The Florida cockroach is believed to produce a foul smell when threatened by predators. Flying cockroaches have wings but can only fly for short distances and lower surfaces. The German cockroaches and Cuban green cockroaches are capable of flying. American cockroaches have wings which they use for gliding.

Prevention of Cockroaches

Cockroaches are known to cause wreak havoc at home. There various cockroach control methods applied by cockroach treatment in Victoria. Cockroaches control methods include:

  • Patching up vents, crevices and cracks on walls where cockroaches hide. Before sealing the hideouts, you should do a cockroach inspection to identify most areas infested by the pest.
  • Residential buildings are ideal and conducive environments for pest breeding. Most homes provide cockroaches with warmth, nesting cavities, food and water. Preventive measures include keeping water and food in sealed containers, proper kitchen cleaning, repairing leaking taps and pipes and using garbage cans that have tight lids.
  • Application of powder repellents that are harmless to humans but vulnerable to cockroaches and bedbugs is another control solution. This is an effective way of cockroach treatment or cockroach control.

Call a professional pest control cockroach specialist to apply pesticides to eliminate the infestation. Cockroach treatment in Victoria offers effective and long-term cockroach control services.