TSV Hot Tip! Pests be gone – keep plants and mulch at bay!

Do you get bugs, insects, rodents or other pests in your home? Do you want to know the best ways to keep pests out?

Of course you do!

Keep Plants and Mulch at bay

Trim back any tree branches or shrubbery that touch your home to eliminate pest ‘bridges’ to the house. Mulch, such as wood chips and pine straw, provide the perfect shelter for pests. Instead of using these in areas that touch your foundation use less pest-attractive ground cover such as rock or stone.

This will greatly reduce the risk of termite activity in the home as well. Wood to ground contact means that termites can directly access your home. This may be as simple as a wooden step to timber decking or firewood bundled up next to your property. Do not give termites free access to your home!

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