TSV Hot Tip! Declutter declutter declutter

Enough said.

Re-discover all the ‘hidden stuff’ you forgot you had and re-stow it… or THROW IT!

If you have lots of ‘stuff’ up in your attic, then it’s important to re-inspect/move it on a regular basis to discourage rats and mice from setting up a comfortable, undetected camp.

If you need a box, think of something other than cardboard such as plastic or metal containers. This can discourage rodents and cockroaches as well as keep your valuables weathertight and secure.

Still can’t get rid of the little so and so’s?!

If mice and rats really have made themselves comfortable in your home then speak to the professionals at Termite Solutions Victoria. Email the team at info@termitesolutionsvictoria.com.au or call 03 9555 5922.


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