Borers and Furniture Beetles in Melbourne

Borers Damage in Melbourne

Whilst termites are by far the most destructive timber pest, they are not alone in their endeavours to undo our built environment.

Other timber pests include the wide array of Timber Borers and Beetles that are sent to confuse us.

There are powder post beetles, European house borer and many more. Location specific beetles and environment specific borers are also wreaking havoc on marine environments and timber ships and more.

European house borer larvae   European house borer   Timber Pest Drywood Beetle

How to spot timber pests:

The borers and beetles themselves will be difficult to ever spot. What you are more likely to find is the damage they leave behind.

Signs of frass falling out of pin point holes is usually the first warning sign.

Frass is kinda like borer poo! It’s the little bits of leftover cellulose material that are kicked out of the tiny tunnels.

   Borer Frass

Where will you find Borers and other timber pests:

  • In your favourite antique timber furniture
  • In roof beams and joists
  • Affecting floor joist, beams and floorboards
  • In timber panelling
  • Imported timber products that haven’t been treated properly

European house borer in furniture   Floorboards damaged by timber pests   Damage by Drywood Beetle

How much damage can timber pests do:

Lots but they are generally never as bad as termites.  They also tend to do their business, turn into flying creatures and nick off to do their own thing, where as termites will hang around as long as the conditions are right and get worse and worse.

Borer and Beetle Damage to Floorboards   Anobium Borer Damage - Pinholes   Exit holes of the powder post beetle

How to treat Timber Pests:

“Leave them alone and they’ll go home tucking their tales behind them” …  This is sometimes the best course of action if damage is localised to a non load bearing, inaccessible area.

If they are likely to have a detrimental effect on the appearance of the item, it’s somewhere you’ll see the damage or it will affect the structural integrity of the hung or if it’s of significant value or historically important then treatment is advised.

This may include the direct application of pesticides to the affected area in a liquid, powder or fog form.  The actual product, its concentration and method of application will vary depending both on the actual pest and the item being treated.

Do you suspect you have Borers or Furniture Beetle in Melbourne?

If you suspect you have borers or furniture beetle our team in the office will be able to help on 9555 5922 or contact us here for more timber pest advice.

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