Live termites found in Cheltenham!

One lucky home owner definitely dodged a bullet with this one. Because when it comes to termites, early detection is key.

The team at Termite Solutions Victoria uncovered a very active termite infestation during a routine inspection in Cheltenham earlier this month.

Cheltenham termites uncovered!

Cheltenham is a South-Eastern Melbourne suburb in the municipality of Kingston. The City of Kingston happens to be a non-declared termite zone however as the team likes to say, ‘termites don’t read roadsigns!’

With treatment, Termite Solutions Victoria have been able to eradicate the infestation and put preventative measures in place. Regular maintenance will ensure these pesky pests move on and don’t come back!

Cheltenham termites again!

If you are concerned about termites take action. Call the team at Termite Solutions Victoria on 03 9555 5922 and get on the front foot, regardless of whether or not you live in a declared termite prone zone.

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