The Ethics of Property Styling Melbourne

By September 5, 2017Advice

From time to time property stylists have been asked to provide furniture and floor rugs to obscure evidence of termite damage or repair works due to termite damage.

‘Thankfully this has not occurred in our property styling Melbourne business. However it has certainly occurred to property stylists for a number of reasons beyond termite damage as well,’ said Suzanne Commerford, Director of Jim’s Interior Design.

Within the industry it is generally agreed as unethical to proactively obscure evidence of damage or repairs. Sometimes the natural placement of floor rugs and furnity may obscure this damage incidentally, but to make placements specifically to obscure damage is not the ethically done thing.

With experience as the Business Manager of Termite Solutions Victoria as well as the founder and Senior Property Stylist of Jim’s Interiors, Suzanne is well placed to see the tensions that may exist between the two industries.

Statistics for the Property Styling Melbourne Market 2016/17 Financial Year include:

  • 98% of property styled by JID is sold
  • 20% improvemetn on suburb average clearance rate
  • 37% improvement on days on market; selling homes within 36 days instead of the suburb average of 57.5
  • 8% improvement in property sale price compared to suburb average of similar properties.

‘Critically what we can see is that our Vendors in Melbourne are experiencing a $60,000 gain on the sale of their homes compared to the suburb average. For every dollar they are investing in property styling with us, they are seeing $1947 in return.’

In fact, property styling in Melbourne appears to be one of the most reliable forms of return on investment for vendors and property investors when preparing their home for sale.

If you would like a free quotation for property styling you can contact the team at Jim’s Interior Design on 131 546.

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