Termite activity – Ardeer case study


Termite Solutions Victoria were called to a home in Ardeer last week to treat a possible termite infestation.

What the team found was an eye-opening reminder of the damage termites can cause, given the opportunity to thrive in the right conditions.

The Western suburb of Ardeer, located 16 kilometres from Melbourne CBD isn’t a declared termite municipality. The problem with purchasing and residing in an undeclared zone, means that without professional guidance, residents simply aren’t aware of any infestation until it is too late. And with new builds and renovations, there is no requirement for protection against termite infestation in accordance with Australian Standards.

The attack in Ardeer was the result of a shower base not being properly installed, which over time had been leaking under the concrete slab – absolute paradise for termite activity.

And remember these three tips to prevent and deter termite activity –

  1. Remove any wood to ground contact
  2. Ensure proper ventilation around your home to avoid rising damp
  3. Prevent water collecting in the crawl space (caused by leaking pipes)

Termite Solutions Victoria offer a comprehensive suite of pest management solutions for both residential and commercial dwellings.

If you have any concerns about termite activity in your home call the team on 03 9555 5922 or click here to make an online enquiry.





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