Ants can be easily identified by elbowed antennae and a shelter waist formed by a distinctive node-like structure. They live as colonies that live in small cavities. The colonies are organised and contain millions of ants. There are various types of ants that infest both residential and commercial properties including Pharoah ant, coastal brown ant, black house ant, Singapore ant, green-headed ant, Argentine white ant, red imported fire ant and fire ant. The termites are sometimes referred to as white ants.

The colour of ants varies and can either be white or black or green for some species. The ants live in nests anywhere in or around buildings. They hide in stumps, wall cavities, under foundation or on lawns. Ant management programs are dedicated to identify all locations where the ants might be living and sought refuge in and around your home.

They enter a building via the tiniest wall cracks in search of water and greasy or sweet food substances in store rooms or kitchen. During ant pest control, you should consider starting with the cracks on the building walls.

When ants locate food source, they leave an invisible chemical trail containing pheromones for others to follow later. Ant control in Victoria has methods and customised solutions to identify all routes taken by ants.

An ant colony can amount to 300,000 to 500,000 ants. When they notice disturbance from animals or humans, they quickly relocate. They avoid anything that pose as threats that can endanger their lives by all means.

The lifetime of an ant is said to be 7 years and about 15 years for the queen. It is believed that ants are in all continents except Antarctica and some large islands such as Hawaiian, Greenland and Iceland islands. The ants obtain food direct or indirect as predators, scavengers or herbivores. The biggest numbers of ants are omnivorous and a few are special feeders.

Prevention of Ants

Ants’ pest control requires effective programs that will offer long term solution. Different kinds of an ant infestation require different methods or special ant control treatments require different methods or special ant control treatment such as white ant treatment, fire ant control, and black ant control. Effective measures should be taken so that an ant invasion can be safely eliminated from residential or commercial buildings.

Most home or property owners use pesticides to get rid of pest invasion. There are other safe and effective methods such as organic ant control. Organic ant control is also known as a natural ant control which include placing cinnamon or garlic around the kitchen, spraying vinegar or apple cider, sprinkling black pepper, pouring boiling water, or planting mint plants around your home.

Pest control ants are more safe and effective if you use proper ant control methods. Natural ant control methods are also safe to building occupants and are also eco-friendly.