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Termite Management Systems

Termite Management Systems

Termite Barrier

Termite barrier vs termite management system

The terminology ‘termite barrier’ has long been used in industry circles. However, in recent times this terminology has shifted towards ‘termite management systems’ a more holistic term that better captures everything involved in the process. The change accurately reflects that the application of a chemical or even installation of a physical termite barrier in and of itself is not a guarantee against termite activity occurring in the future. Each barrier, whether physical or chemical, requires management or ongoing attention to be effective, hence the new terminology.

Are termite barriers mandatory?

In many areas of Melbourne and regional Victoria it is a compulsory Local Government Building Regulation requirement to have a compliant barrier installed in new homes and extensions.

Do the barriers require maintenance?

Yes, maintenance is necessary to properly maintain barriers and required to ensure barrier warranties remain valid. Annual inspections are common across the industry in relation to maintaining barrier and their respective warranty.

How do you choose the right barrier?

  • Client Preference: Is the client price sensitive or do they want a chemical free home?
  • Construction Method: Is the house built on a slab, does it have a basement or is it built on stumps?
  • Price: Is the house being built as an investment where your intention is to maximise profit? Or are you seeking a termite management system of the greatest efficacy irrespective of cost because you plan to retain the home into the long term?
  • Geographical Location: In some local government areas of Victoria it is mandatory to have a termite barrier, you won’t get a Certificate of Occupancy without one. In other locations – without any actual correlation to whether there is termite activity in that area – a barrier is not required and therefore only an act of best practice or client preference.

Our team can help you narrow down your preferences and direct you to the best option.

What are the different types of barriers?

  • Chemical sprays
  • Chemical reticulation systems
  • Integrated chemical and physical barriers
  • Physical, non-chemical barriers
  • Construction methods and designs which create an effective termite management system

What products do you use?

We use industry leading products from GREENZONE® and our process involves the integration of chemical and physical barriers, ensuring holistic protection against termites.

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