Need a Termite Inspection in Melbourne?

Termite Inspections are recommended for all properties annually to aid in early identification of termite activity to limit potential damage.

In particular a termite inspection should be undertaken:

Before you buy any home
Before you sell your home
When you suspect you may have termite activity
Annually to maintain any conditions related to the warranty of a termite barrier which has been installed in your home


A termite inspection by one of the Termite Solutions team includes an inspection of the site, such as trees, fences, outbuildings and landscaping timbers, the building exterior, subfloor if applicable, interior and in your roof space.

Our Termite Solutions Inspector is looking for signs of termite activity and damage.

If your termite inspection is for a pre-purchase situation we will go further and identify conditions conducive to termite activity, the presence of fungal decay (wood rot) and identify any other timber pest damage we find.

We supplement our termite inspections which are primarily visual inspections with sounding (to detect hollow areas of timber), the use of moisture metres,

Situations where there is a higher risk of termite activity should consider more frequent inspections.

Importantly termite damage is a general exclusion in most home warranties. So if you find termite damage your insurer may not cover the cost of treatment and repairs. As such an annual inspection is a sound investment in one of your biggest lifetime assets.

An inspection generally takes 1-2 hours to complete and document depending on the size of the document.

We use BuildInspect, an advanced reporting Application to document our findings with photographs. You are assured of an easily understood report that will be available quickly.

Contact us for further information on Termite Inspections or find out more about our combined Building and Termite / Timber Pest Inspections

Do you have signs of termite activity?

If you see any signs of Termite infestation, it is crucial that you seek advice and servicing from a professional termite inspection service. It is also important that you do not attempt to repair any kind of termite damage before having the colony professionally eradicated, as it is highly likely that the damage will reoccur.

If you see any indications that your home, office or building, may be effected by termites, an assessment of your property is essential. This assessment is of low cost and ensures that you aren’t experiencing any other complications such as wood rot, borer and other timber pests.

Treatment options generally start with an inspection, followed by eradication of the existing termite colony and a treatment to establish a barrier (which if maintained) will prevent the recurrence of termite activity.

In terms of commercial and industrial buildings, Termite Solutions have specialist experience working with heritage sites, terrace buildings and are the dominant installer of termite barriers in Victoria. Based in Moorabbin, we service a range of commercial and residential clients, predominantly in the South-East region of Victoria. Our experience comes predominantly from working on structures in the Melbourne and Bayside areas, so if you are located in Melbourne, our expertise is well suited to your pest control needs.

Termite Solutions have the ideal team to provide you with a residential or commercial termite inspection, as well as professional advice on the steps to take in repairing the damage to any structure. If you have noticed any signs of termite infestation, please contact us today.