5 Signs You Might Have Termites

Termite Nest in Australia

Termites, we’ve all heard of them! They’re those pesky little blokes that munch away at you home until it become a brittle and hazardous heap. But how can you tell if they have taken up residence in your house? What should you as a home owner be looking for, in order to detect the possible presence of Termites? Many people discover termite damage when completing renovations in the home, whether it is pulling up floor boards, removing skirting, wall lines, or repairing external timber elements. The confirmation and eradication of Termites requires a trained professional, however below are the 5 tell-tale signs that your home might be invested with termites…

(1) ‘Alate’ event or flying ants (termites) within your home or property.

Alates (also known as flying ants) are an obvious sign of potential termite infestation. They can often be found in roofs, subfloor areas and tangled in spider webs and crevices. Discovery of elates often means that the colony is nearby, and could very well be destroying your home.

(2) Collapsed or partially collapsed floorboards.

Termites can cause damage to floor boards as they eat away at the timber. As they destroy the floor from underneath, it is easy to fall for the illusion that your floorboards are fine; that is until they lose their structural integrity, and begin to fall apart. If you see any sign of your floorboards beginning to collapse, there is a strong chance that you may in fact have termites.

(3) Hollow sounds on different wall surfaces.

Termites hollow out the middle of timber, leaving a thin outer shell that protects them from predators and desiccation. Although the type of damage is usually specific to species, the presence of a hollow sounding knock on multiple surfaces can indicate that termites may have begun eating the timber in your walls.

(4) Mud tunnels or ‘mudding’ around the exterior of your home.

As termites build their colonies underground, they use mud tunnels to journey from the ground to their food source (the timber of your home.) The presence of mud tunnels or “mudding” around the edges of your home suggests that termites may be burrowing their way into your house.

(5) Termite activity in the garden, landscape timbers, old tree stumps and/or veranda structures.

Any obvious signs of termites in your garden our outdoor living areas mean that your home, being in such close proximity, could more than likely also be effected by termites.

It is crucial that if you discover any number of these indicators, you contact a professional Termite and Pest Control specialist- such as Termite Solutions Victoria- for a complete Termite inspection.

Treatment options begin with an inspection, usually followed by eradication of the termite colony, and then establishing a barrier to help prevent the reoccurrence of termite activity.

Although Termite Solutions are here to assist in inspecting and eliminating termites in your home, it helps as a home owner to be prepared and know what to look for. The quicker you act on your termite suspicions, the quicker we can come to your aid, ease your mind and get your house back into shape.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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  • A large number of very large pine trees were removed from a Melbourne Water easement in Mitcham (VIC) but the stumps were not removed. Should we be asking for the stumps to be ground out?
    Thanks – Christine

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