The AS3660 for Termite Management advises home owners to have at least annual inspections.

  • Is your home in an area of high natural vegetation?
  • Do you have timber (structural or decorative) like verandahs, plinth boards or stumps in direct ground contact?
  • Does your subfloor or the perimeter of your home become and remain damp due to leaks, poor roof plumbing or environmental and site conditions?
  • Do you have landscaping?
  • Have you had a termite barrier applied to your property?

All of these are critical factors to consider and should prompt you to have an at least annual termite inspection.

Visual termite inspections will identify any evidence of damage and live activity.  There may be some limitations and obstructions on our reporting but we will let you know when this occurs.

In homes owned by you, there is also a greater capacity to reduce the scope of limitations, as we can get your permission to conduct an invasive inspection.  This may involve removing for example some external plinth boards to create access for a full inspection or removing a sheet of wall lining where we have strong suspicions of termite activity.

Thermal imaging and moisture metres all aid in the visual and physical detection of termite and timber pest activity.

Your reports will include photos and detailed descriptions of the items found as well as easy to read summaries.