Finding evidence of termite damage in your home can be one of the most gut-wrenching moments in home ownership.

The most important thing is to leave the affected area alone and just call us.

If you begin to prod and poke or attempt to remove affected building materials you may just distribute the termites throughout the home or scare them off before we can effectively treat them!

Termite Solutions will come to your home, check out the area of suspected damage and if you are local to us, it won’t cost you a cent! Call now on 9555 5922 to see if you are in the free service zone.

After a preliminary assessment we can generally confirm if it is termites.

At this point we will recommend you have a full inspection. A full inspection before starting treatment is required under the AS3660 for Termite Management. It will help us completely identify all locations, determine the extent of building damage and prepare a plan for treatment.

Our termite treatments will generally involve:

  • Completing a full inspection
  • Direct treatment of liver termite activity
  • Drilling and injecting large trees or tree stumps on the property to determine original nest sites
  • Once live activity is eradicated we conduct a treatment to establish a barrier to prevent termites from coming back
  • Our treatments generally take one day but may involve recurring visits if we need to bait the termite activity before reinstating the termite barrier.

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