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Ants’ pest control requires effective programs that will offer a long-term solution. Different kinds of ant infestation require different methods of treatments. We will effectively identify your ant problem and apply the correct treatment.


Residential buildings are an ideal and conducive environment for cockroach breeding. Most homes provide cockroaches with warmth, nesting cavities, food and water. Cockroach control methods include identifying where they hide and then applying a mix of immediate knockdown products and other products that interrupt their breeding cycle permanently.


Termite Solutions Victoria offers various programs that are used to carry out effective spider control. Different types of spider invasion require effective spider pest control or spider management solutions to curb and prevent spider infestation at home.

Wasps and Bees

Wasps can be aggressive especially when threatened and they sting as a form of defence mechanism. Unlike bees, wasps can sting multiple times. Aggressive bees sting causing serious health threats to humans. Bee and wasp control is an important step that property owners should take to ensure safety of their building occupants. We have a Bee relocation program and a wasp eradication plan.


Mice are rodents that are mostly found in human settlements. They cause unbelievable damage to building structures and human health. We offer the best mice control solutions for your home or office.

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