Termite Solutions Victoria is also the bayside and south eastern suburbs local solution for general pest control.  We are able to respond to a wide array of residential and commercial pest control.

If you need ants, spiders, cockroaches and rodents dealt with try our annual Works Pest Package, most clients have it done just once a year to keep away the pests.  We do it in our own home and the homes of our family and friends.

Cockroaches in particular can be a significant issue and moving into winter, pests hide out inside in search of warmer damp environments.

Over summer, ants drive us crazy around home.  We can do a treatment using targeted pesticides that are safe around the house for pets, crawling babies and inquisitive toddlers!

Bees can also be a major safety hazard around the home.  If you experience a swarm of bee activity, let it be (pun intended) for a day or so and just avoid the area.  We don’t like killing bees, we need them in the environment.

But if they hang around for more than a day or so – they are setting up home.  If they can be removed by an apiarist (bee dude) we will refer you to them and they will re-home the bees, if they can’t be removed and are in a risky location we will come and knock them down – but we’ll feel bad about it.

We are a family orientated company and with lots of kids around we understand your concerns about pest control in the home.  So if you are a local bayside or south eastern family, call Termite Solutions for a friendly and caring solution to your pest control needs at home.

 Except for possums!  We’ll send you to a specialist for that.  Even we can’t manage possums!

Do you want general information about different kinds of pests – check out the details below or contact us.