Fleas are wingless and small measuring about 2.5 millimeters long. They have piercing or biting mouthparts. The insect is covered by tiny spines. Fleas can be easily identified on the host’s skin or fur. The parasite’s colour is reddish brown. They have an adaptive feature which is lateral flattened body, enables them to quickly move on their host’s hair. The adult body is covered with combs and bristles which allows them to stick on their host’s hair. They have two rear legs that are well-developed to allow them jump for long distances on the prey or running away from threats or predators.

Adult fleas feed on human and animal blood. They pierce their host skin and suck blood which acts as their nourishment. A flea larva eats organic feed most likely from adult fleas’ faeces and human undigested blood.

Flea’s eggs attach themselves on the carpets, rugs, pet bedding, floor/wall cavities, upholstery and on the ground. The eggs attach to the surfaces for a period of about two days. The eggs hatch after or within one week. The larva has no legs thus they wriggle in search of food which may include skin scales or human undigested blood. Larvae moults four times within one to three weeks’ time. Warmer conditions speed up the life cycle of the fleas. They transform to pupate by spinning a silken cocoon and within one to three weeks they become adults.

Signs of flea’s infestation in both animals and humans are easily identified. In animal, pets groom and repeatedly scratch themselves especially where they are experiencing bites. A flea causes discomfort when sucking from humans and animals. For cheap flea treatment opt for do-it-yourself pest inspection and fleas’ control. For an effective and long term flea control, you can get a veterinarian to conduct inspection and offer best solutions such as cat flea treatment.

In humans, an individual experience bites which are itchy feeling causes skin irritation. You should consult a doctor for flea treatment. Get a pest control specialist to offer both indoor and outdoor pest control at home.

The cat flea is commonly found in North America. Other flea species include humans rat and dog flea. The fleas attack hairy animals such as rats, mice, squirrels, dogs and rabbits. To eliminate the car flea infestation ailments, you should consider the best cat flea treatment solution in Australia.

Prevention of Fleas

To effectively apply cat flea control you need multifaceted natural flea treatment. This includes physical methods such as vacuum cleaning, moping and sweeping hard-surfaced floors and clearing debris from the floor.

Natural flea control has proved to be effective, safe and eco-friendly. It is also cheap flea treatment method that can be used by all residents in Australia.

The flea’s infestation can be controlled by ensuring proper housekeeping measures and hygiene including pet treatment, regular vacuuming and chemical treatment of invaded areas.