Mice are rodents that are mostly found in human settlements. They have large ears, pointed noses, furry bodies with long tails with a length that is similar to that of their bodies. They vary in colour such as black to brown.

Some of the house mice are used as pets and also as laboratory specimen for experiments. However useful they might be, they cause unbelievable damage to building structures and human health. Therefore, you should seek for mice control services for the best mice control solutions for your home or office.

Some of the fascinating things about the mice include the following: they have whiskers that assist them to sense changes of breezes and temperature, as well as identify surfaces such as rough or smooth edges; use odorous and ultrasonic sound to communicate among themselves; they are accomplished swimmers and climbers.

They love dinning on grains and fruits therefore can destroy crops on the field. They spread diseases to humans through their faeces and parasites such as tularemia, eptospirosis, lymphocytic choriomeningitis, rickettsialpox, bubonic plague and murine typhus. They damage even packaged foods and contaminate them with their fur, urine and droppings. Mice can cause structural damage as they gnaw through insulation, concrete and also electrical cabling as well as the wiring of electrical appliances.

There are some signs you can get in your home that warrants swift measures towards mice pest control. The signs include footprints of a mouse on surfaces, damages on things such as packaged foods and electric wiring, nasty smell of their urine, visual sighting of them roaming around, noises such as gnaws, squeaks and their movements, nests especially in attics, closets and basements, and littered droppings. All these signs require you to action fast and a mouse pest control can ensure reduced number of mice in your home.

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Prevention of Mice

There are different approaches of curbing mice which include baiting, trapping and barrier fencing. There is also fumigation preventative solution which entails covering a house and then an application of rodenticides follows or you can use biological control which involves natural or organic matter. Mice can also be controlled by using ultrasonic devices to frighten them or repellents which are the use of things with tastes or odours that are unpleasant such as planting plants like peppermint.

In order to ensure an effective mice control solution you should consider habitat modification which includes proper sanitation such as maintaining cleanliness in the house by ensuring there are no dirty dishes left unclean, water and food are well stored and covered with tight lids.

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