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We have other pest infestation that comprise human health and safety at home or place of work. Termite Solutions Victoria is equipped to deal with all kinds of pest invasion that may occur at residential or commercial property. Other species of pests include:

  • Varied carpet beetle is scientifically known as anthrenus verbasci. These are household and historical museums pests causing damage to biological specimens. The beetle larvae damages or feeds on carpets, clothing, furniture, insect collection and natural fibres while adult beetles are pollen grazers.

The insect feeds on substances containing keratin which are commonly found within natural wool or wool mix carpets in the corners and along the edges. The beetle infestation is noticed when furniture is moved and a patch on the carpet is seen.

  • Powderpost beetlebelongs in the insect super family bostrichoidea and sub family lyctinae. They are wood boring beetles along with wood borer beetles and common furniture beetles. Powderpost beetles are considered as pests and attackdeciduous trees reducing the wood to powdery dust. Their larvae spend several months or years while feeding on starch and developing.

They damage wood structures leaving piles of powdery frass pinhole-sized openings known as “shot holes”.The depth and diameter size of the “shot hole” depend on the specie of the beetle.

  • House dust mites are virtually invisible and can only be seen by use of a microscope and their presence can only be confirmed by sampling and testing of dust particles. They infest human settlement where there is presence of their food source such as skin cells.

As tiny as they might be, they are potential transmitters of allergies diseases to humans. They neither sting nor bite but their fecal materials can cause harm to humans.

  • Cigarette or tobacco beetles are also known as tobacco beetle or cigar beetle, scientifically referred to as lasioderma serricorne. It is oval shaped, reddish brown in colour and measure between 2 to 3 millimeters long. It has fine hairs on the wing covers (known as elytra). They are active during the night. They live in dimly lit crevices, cracks and nooks. When there is brightness or in an open area, the beetles fly toward dark places to seek refuge.

The tobacco beetles and drugstore beetles are almost similar but easily identifiable by their antennas and elytra.

  • Clothes moth has two types which include casemaking clothes moth, scientifically known as tinea pellionella and webbing clothes moth which is the most regular fabric moth, scientifically known as tineola bisselliela. It is gold in colour with hair which is reddish-golden on top of the head.

Prevention of Other Pests

  • Proper and quality housekeeping practices will always keep the insect away. Routine or regular checks on closets and fabrics to detect any infestation and acting on time to prevent serious damages.
  • Use of insecticide or pesticide during fumigation process to eliminate pest invasion.

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