Wasps vary depending on their species. They have pinched waist and most have two pairs of wings. Their colours range from metallic greens, blue to black. Wasp species are classified as solitary or social. They live in colonies that might have thousands of social wasps. Every colony has its own female workers who perform all nest duties. They are ruled by a queen wasp. Solitary wasps do not have colonies, instead they are live alone. They lay eggs but leave them to hatch on their own.

Some wasps are parasitic, while the rest are predatory. Predatory wasps slay and feed on other insects and animals. Parasitic wasps depend on other living creatures. They lay eggs on other pests or insects such spiders or caterpillar. Wasps act as other pest managers, in agriculture is referred to as biological control agents. They are also flower pollinators when feeding on nectar.

Wasps are aggressive especially when threatened and they sting as a form of defense mechanism. Unlike bees, wasps can sting multiple times.

The queen wasps lay unfertilized eggs which hatch into males. The male wasps fertilize eggs that later develop to queens. Wasp control and wasp prevention are important programs that prevent infestation at residential or commercial buildings. Pest inspection should be conducted regularly and thoroughly. Property owners should focus on wasp nest removal or seek wasp control services from reputable pest control companies. Wasp removal focuses on offering permanent solutions to threats posed to human safety and health.

There are two species of honeybees in Australia which include Asian honeybee and European honeybee. Asian honeybees are smaller measuring 10 millimeters long compared to European honeybees measuring 15 millimeters long.

The Asian bee in Australia is commonly used for honey production. The bee flies more randomly and faster. An Asian bee is less hairy and on the abdomen, it has more prominent banding than a European honeybee. The two species of honeybee and other native animals compete for nesting cavities and food.

Aggressive bees sting causing serious health threats to humans. Residents affected by bee infestation should seek bee removal services from reputable bees control companies. Australian bees’ pest control companies offer effective bee removal service or bee control services. Bee pest services require a professional to be skilled, experienced and have protective gears. Bee control or bee pest control should be conducted when building occupants have vacated to avoid threats posed by aggressive bees.

Prevention of Wasps and Bees

Bee and wasp control is an important step that property owners should take to ensure safety of their building occupants. They should invest in bee wasp removal or wasp and bee removal from reputable bee control service companies.

The use of bee smoker assists the beekeeper to calm the bees and wasps hence they have low tendency of stinging. During this time you can destroy the bee or wasp colony.

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