Termite Solutions Victoria is a specialist in commercial and industrial buildings. As we are the dominant installer of termite barriers for new commercial construction we know all the ingress points for commercial buildings affected by termite activity.

Termite Solutions has specialist experience working with heritage, terraced buildings constructed predominantly of timber on subfloor structures in the Melbourne bayside and port suburbs which have extensive termite management issues.

We also work extensively for large commercial and government agencies in treatment and ongoing termite management and prevention in industrial buildings for clients like Goodman, the Education Department and many more. We find the major ingress point for termite activity in these buildings is via the construction joins of concrete slabs.

Termite Solutions has also been called in to investigate and resolve issues where termite barriers installed in new commercial construction have failed or been compromised at some point during construction.

If you are a property manager and need assistance and advice regarding treatment of termite activity in commercial building contact Melbourne’s commercial termite expert.

We also have a builder on team to advise on the structural extent of damage and we can complete a full building inspection as well.