There are a number of tell-tale signs of termite activity in your existing home. Many of our clients contact us when:

  • They experience an ‘alate’ event or flying ants (termites) especially from within their home
  • They put their hand or the vacuum cleaner through a window sill or skirting board
  • They put their foot through a floorboard or it partially collapses
  • They notice hollow sounds on different wall services
  • They see a mud tunnel or ‘mudding’ around the exterior of their home
  • They find termite activity in the garden in landscape timbers, old tree stumps or veranda structures

If you find or experience any of these termite events or timber pest signs in your home you should contact a licensed and experienced pest controller like Termite Solutions and have a full and complete inspection.

The difference with Termite Solutions is that the Director is also a builder and building inspector who can offer further advice regarding the extent of structural damage and the repairs to termite damage which may be required.

Often people find termite damage in their homes as they commence a renovation, they are pulling up floors or taking out skirtings, architraves and wall linings or repairing external timbers when they find the termite activity.

Treatment options generally start with an inspection, followed by eradication of the existing termite colony and a treatment to establish a barrier which if maintained will prevent the recurrence of termite activity.

Importantly you should not attempt to repair termite damage before treating the colony activity as it’s likely to recur.

Contact us for a free assessment if you are in our local zone, otherwise our assessment service is low cost and effective way to rule out other situations like wood rot or borer and other timber pests.